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Inform, compare, save money. Increase your trading profits with our large selection of regulated brokers and the lucrative rebates of TRADING DEALS.


It is very easy to benefit from our deals. Get started with just three steps. All profits of a deal will be displayed in your TRADING DEALS account automatically. Either you can withdraw the money from your TRADING DEALS account. Or some deals offer instant profits/rebates direct on your broker account. To withdraw from us you can choose from several e-wallets and payment services.

Sign up for free

Sign up to TRADING DEALS for free. The registration is quick, secure and not binding. No credit card or bank account required.

Connect to a broker

Choose a suitable broker on our website and klick on our referral link to open a new trading account. Partially you even can connect your existing trading account with TRADING DEALS.

Start trading

Once your broker account is connected with TRADING DEALS you can start trading and gaining from your deal. With every trade you gain cash with us, no matter you win or lose on a trade.


Trading costs like spread and commission decrease the profitability of your trading. We have a solution. The reduction of these costs with our service can significantly improve your trading profitability.

Large selection

We provide a wide range of brokers and deals. However you like to trade the markets, whatever the balance of your trading account is. TRADING DEALS has a suitable offer for every type of trader and for a lot of financial instruments (Forex, CFD, Stock Indices, Futures, Commodities, Stocks…).

Lucrative deals

We negotiate preferably high perks with the brokers. Then we share with you most of these benefits. There are a lot of deals: discount on commission, spread reduction, cashback, rebate, bonus, special offers…

Detailed comparison

Find quick and easily a suitable broker and profitable deals. Use our detailed comparison platform for a good overview about all important information. This allows a good decision.

Simple procedure

It is very simple with our service to benefit from the offered deals. From registration, over choice, to payout it works uncomplicated. So you can concentrate on your trading.


TRADING DEALS aims for providing an especially wide range of various brokers. With us traders can inform themselves in detail about every broker and its deals. A quick and easy decision of the prospective customer is our ultimate goal.

We have specialized our service on brokers. TRADING DEALS creates content that enables traders to make an easy decision. Our online platform will attract attention with wide selection of brokers as well as high cashback rate and high discounts. There are many objective facts available. Tradable financial instruments, trading software, costs, spread, regulation, deals and many more can be compared. The prospective customer should not be overwhelmed with too many advertising or personal opinions of other users. Thereby traders get a good overview and can find a broker according to their needs.


As a service provider for the financial sector and for traders we are always interested in new partnerships with brokers and financial service providers. Get in contact with us and we discuss a cooperation.




TRADING DEALS operates professional affiliate-marketing for the financial sector.

Our capability is the reliable customer acquisition by lucrative campaigns as well as by interesting and informative content. The team is made up of specialists for marketing, IT, web design, financial services, compliance and business development. Always we comply with the wishes of our business partners and deliver a high conversion. Plus we comply with the regulations of the financial market such as MiFID. We are specialized in brokers. Furthermore we will expand our cooperation on asset management, e-wallets, online payment services, trading services, trading coaches, banks and the Fin Tech sector. There is always a way for a good cooperation, no matter if CPA, CPL, CPO, CPS, revenue share, trading signals, managed accounts or a marketing campaign…

As a special feature soon we provide an easy to use online platform for information about brokers and for comparisons. This platform will have a good value for the users and it will lead to higher benefits for all parties.