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  • How does it work?

    A very simple basic principle: First, register with us free of charge for unlimited access. Then select a suitable broker in the member area and open a trading account with this broker. Register this trading account in your account with us and trade normally. And now you can receive and manage your earnings from Trading Deals in your account with us.

  • What is the purpose of registering for Trading Deals?

    Unlimited access to all brokers, information, deals and services is only available to Trading Deals members. This is the only way to ensure the best possible fulfillment of customer requirements. It is also about the protection of financial data, privacy and a good user experience. However, only the most necessary information from members is collected and never unnecessarily asked for confidential information.

  • What information is required for registration?

    We request as little information as possible and never require unnecessarily confidential information. You only need your e-mail address and country to set up an account for Trading Deals. Later you can decide how far you want to personalize your profile. For example, we can contact you better if you enter your name.

  • What are the costs of my Trading Deals account?

    An account with us is and always will be free.

  • Why should I use Trading Deals?

    For the most important reason in financial trading. To increase your profitability! Without additional effort or obligations you can potentially earn/save hundreds of dollars per month depending on your trading style.

  • How do I make a profit?

    By using an activated deal with us to perform your normal trading on your trading account as before. It’s as simple as it sounds. But please avoid a mode of trading that is only aimed at making profits from our deals rather than the usual profits from the trade itself. This is not accepted by the brokers. Then, unfortunately, there’s no profit for everyone from our deal.

  • How much can I earn?

    Your profit from our deals is unlimited. It depends solely on the amount of the rebate rate and your trading style. The more active your style is and the more capital you trade, the greater your income with us. However, you should never let your deal influence your trading style. We strongly advise against this!

  • Do I earn with a losing trade too?

    Yes, you can benefit with us from any of your trades, whether it has brought profit or loss.

  • Why can't I get such advantages from the broker myself?

    One trader alone cannot get such benefits directly from a broker. We can negotiate exclusive conditions with brokers because we represent the customer’s interest in the best trading conditions in a bundled manner. This gives us a strong position to achieve improvements. We also relieve the broker of much of the work when it comes to ensuring that traders and brokers are a good match. For this service we receive income from the broker. This results in your profits with Trading Deals.

  • Is there a minimum deposit?

    There is no minimum amount. You can use our service no matter how much you deposit into your trading account. Some brokers sometimes have a minimum deposit to open a trading account. With the large selection in our platform, every trader can find the right trading conditions.

  • Will my trading conditions change?

    No. Your trading conditions with your broker remain unchanged. Like you would have opened an account with the broker without us.

  • Do Trading Deals has access to my trading account?

    No. No access to your trading fund either.

  • Can I use my existing trading account?

    The trading account must be with one of our brokers. Otherwise it depends on your broker. Some brokers allow us to link our conditions to an existing trading account. This can easily be done by e-mail. Usually only we and you have to send an identical e-mail to the broker asking to connect the existing trading account. This process is supported in your account with us, if you are a Trading Deals member.

  • What can I do if I cannot connect an existing trading account with my broker to the benefits of Trading Deals?

    In this case you can easily open another trading account with the broker with your existing customer data at the broker and our partner code. Or just use a link in our member area to navigate to the account opening website of the broker. This is the easiest way and usually the transfer of funds within a broker is uncomplicated, fast and free of charge.

  • Can I have more than one trading account with the same broker?

    Yes, that’s not a problem. But every single trading account must be opened through us and then linked in your Trading Deals account.

  • Can I have multiple accounts with different brokers?

    Of course you can. If all trading accounts have been opened through us, the advantages of our deals can be freely combined and the profits added up.

  • What if my broker is not supported by Trading Deals?

    We are happy to add new brokers to our platform and negotiate a deal for you. Just contact us with your wishes.

  • Can I earn money with a demo account?


  • Can I create multiple profiles with Trading Deals?

    Yes, but there’s no reason for that. We strongly recommend assigning all your trading accounts to one account with us to facilitate administration and overview. In addition, the combination of deals can lead to further advantages.

  • Is Trading Deals a broker or financial service company?

    No, we are not a broker. Trading Deals is an information and business development service. We act in the interest of traders and brokers alike. We are associated with brokers as a kind of Introducing Broker or Affiliate. We are in contact with the best, largest and also the newest regulated brokers worldwide for traders all over the world. We provide our customers with a information, comparison and rebate service. In this way, we support traders in finding the most suitable broker and trading conditions. For every trading style and all financial instruments. What we do not do is offer financial services or financial analysis. We collect and organize valuable information and deals within an intuitive platform that we are constantly developing. Every customer has to deal with this information on his own responsibility.

  • How do I become a affiliate?

    Register for Trading Deals. Start easily with an account with us. As our affiliate it is not necessary to use any other services from us. You can start immediately. Every member can become an affiliate of Trading Deals.

  • How do I get an affiliate link?

    Every member of Trading Deals gets his own affiliate link right from the start.

  • What is an affiliate link?

    This is an individual internet link with your own affiliate ID. This serves to refer your interested parties to us. You can use this link anywhere and anytime. It sets a cookie that shows your marketing activities for us in your Trading Deals account. This way you can see the success of your project at any time. Or you give your ID as code to the prospective customers.

  • How do I inspire interested parties?

    You have a well-attended website, write an informative blog, use social networks intensively, run your own campaigns, are a financial expert, coach or an active part of the trader community. Then you have good possibilities to interest your users in us. Use the potential of your online presence and forward your traffic to us via affiliate link.

  • How do I refer interested parties?

    Simply integrate your affiliate link with a connection to websites of Trading Deals into your content, marketing, communication or all your other activities. If your users click on it, they will be directed to our website and automatically recognized as your referred prospects.

  • What profits do I make as an affiliate?

    As soon as your referred prospective customer is registered and active customer with us, you earn from the beginning whole 20% share of our incomes. It counts without restriction every turnover of our customers from which we earn. So no minimum sales and no upper limit!

  • When will I receive my revenues as an affiliate?

    At least once a month your earnings are finally booked in your affiliate account with us. You can pay off this income at any time. There is only a low minimum amount.

  • How do I get my revenues as an affiliate?

    There are cost-effective options for withdrawal with e-wallets or online payment and by bank transfer. You can make a withdrawal yourself.

  • How many interested parties can I refer?

    You can refer as many prospective customers as you want. There is no minimum number and no upper limit.

  • How long do I earn on my referred prospects?

    Permanent and unlimited, as long as your prospective customers are active with us.

  • Are there special rules for affiliates?

    The only basic rule for our affiliates is that we expect integrity and honesty. Fraudulent marketing, spam and other unfair or unlawful acts are not permitted. In addition, we have created general guidelines for affiliates to support them. These are available in the affiliate account.

  • When do I get my profits as a customer?

    With many brokers the profits are immediately displayed and booked on your trading account. This means that your income from Trading Deals is immediately available to you. Some brokers do this on a weekly or monthly basis. If you receive your profits directly from Trading Deals, the payout is available at any time after the monthly booking.

  • How do I get my profits as a customer?

    Either your income from a deal with us will be booked to your trading account with the broker. Or you can withdraw your earnings in your account with us. It depends on which method your broker supports.

  • Where can I see my earnings as a customer?

    All your earnings will be displayed in your account with us. No matter whether these are booked on your trading account or with us. In your Trading Deals account you can also see which profits you have already received, which are available and which are still outstanding.

  • What payment methods are available?

    We offer different methods. There are e-wallets, online payment services and bank transfer.

  • Can I withdraw at any time?

    Revenues from your deal, which are booked on your trading account with the broker, are available there at any time. In this case, the broker’s withdraw rules shall apply. Then there may be the case that you can withdraw your profit in your account with us. As soon as your profit is available to us, it is ready to be paid out at any time. The availability depends on when the broker pays us. There may be a low minimum payout amount.

  • Are there any withdrawal fees?

    Small withdrawal fees may apply.

  • Can I change the currency of my Trading Deals account?


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