Cashback, cash rewards or rebates from brokers

When do I get my profits as a customer?

With many brokers the profits are immediately displayed and booked on your trading account. This means that your income from Trading Deals is immediately available to you. Some brokers do this on a weekly or monthly basis. If you receive your profits directly from Trading Deals, the payout is available at any time after the monthly booking.

How do I get my profits as a customer?

Either your income from a deal with us will be booked to your trading account with the broker. Or you can withdraw your earnings in your account with us. It depends on which method your broker supports.

Where can I see my earnings as a customer?

All your earnings will be displayed in your account with us. No matter whether these are booked on your trading account or with us. In your Trading Deals account you can also see which profits you have already received, which are available and which are still outstanding.

What payment methods are available?

We offer different methods. There are e-wallets, online payment services and bank transfer.

Can I withdraw at any time?

Revenues from your deal, which are booked on your trading account with the broker, are available there at any time. In this case, the broker's withdraw rules shall apply. Then there may be the case that you can withdraw your profit in your account with us. As soon as your profit is available to us, it is ready to be paid out at any time. The availability depends on when the broker pays us. There may be a low minimum payout amount.

Are there any withdrawal fees?

Only the fees charged by the payment service itself will be charged. Trading Deals does not charge its own payout fees.

Can I change the currency of my Trading Deals account?



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