Tech values ensure a turnaround

Published on: 27-Apr-2020
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Last updated: 27-Apr-2020

Tech values ensure a turnaround

The week begins with encouragingly good numbers for stock markets. While Wall Street's three major indices ended the week last week with significant gains, European and Asian exchanges are also up. At the close on Friday, the Dow Jones closed the day at 1.11 percent, the broad S&P 500 gained 1.4 percent, and the Nasdaq tech index even rose 1.65 percent. The German leading index Dax started the new week with 2.7 percent and was able to keep its profit at 2.37 percent during the day. In China, the stock exchanges also started the week with positive numbers. The Shanghai SSE index rose 0.25 percent at the close on Monday, and the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges gained 0.7 percent. In Japan, the gains from the leading Nikkei 225 index were even more evident. The Tokyo stock exchange closed trading 2.71 percent higher.

An important step by the central bank came from Japan, through which unlimited Japanese government bonds are to be bought. This should not only strengthen the Japanese economy, but also send a signal to the Fed in the United States and the ECB in Europe. Experts say the European Central Bank will increase its emergency bond purchase package (PEPP) on Thursday and do the same as Japan.

The reporting season of the first quarter of the large tech companies from the USA will be interesting in the next few days and will also be decisive for the western stock exchanges. The "Big Five" Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Alphabet and Facebook present their quarterly figures this week and give hope for positive news. Your courses have stood the test of time in the Corona crisis and have even peaked. For example, Amazon benefited from the curfew in many countries and the closure of stores and set a new record price at $ 2461 per share.



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