Global economy looking ahead?

Published on: 20-Apr-2020
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Last updated: 20-Apr-2020

Global economy looking ahead?

Political talks about easing corona restrictions and seemingly medical advances in the fight against the virus have given the western equity markets new courage. In Asia, the markets react mixed to fiscal policy measures and economic data.

Donald Trump's speeches about lifting the restrictions, but also new experiments with anti-coronavirus drugs have brought hope to Wall Street. The leading Dow Jones index rose three percent to 24242 points on Friday. The S&P 500 ended trading up 2.7 percent and the Nasdaq tech index up 1.7 percent before the weekend. A look at the USA has also given European stock exchanges a boost. The leading German index ended trading on Friday with a gain of 3.1 percent and was able to start the new week up 0.3 percent.

In Asia, other news has moved the stock markets. In Japan, the focus was on poor export data and profit forecasts. Exports in March fell by twelve percent compared to the previous year. Bad numbers are also expected for April. The stock exchanges reacted to the numbers and ended Monday slightly in the red. The leading index Nikkei 225 has dropped 1.2 percent and stands at 19669 points. The broadly based Topix is ??0.7 percent in the red. The Kospi index also lost 0.8 percent in South Korea. The exchanges in Shanghai and Shenzhen gained in value over the course of the day. The SSE in Shanghai ended Monday with half a percent and the CSI 300, which shows the most important values ??from Shanghai and Shenzhen, rose 0.4 percent. In China, the market was supported by rate cuts.



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