Covid-19 has economy under control

Published on: 15-Jun-2020
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Last updated: 15-Jun-2020

Covid-19 has economy under control

Especially in Asia, stock prices have shown that the corona pandemic is not over and the world is still far from normal. The virus, which first appeared in China, has now been registered again in a food market after a sharp drop in the number of cases. The virus cannot be contained in the USA either. On Saturday there were 25,000 new infections that deprived investors of their willingness to take risks. The fear of a second wave of infections and the associated restrictions is great. However, experts anticipate a weaker course if a second wave comes, because one has experience in dealing with the virus.

Many Asian stock exchanges show the uncertainty of investors very clearly. In Japan, the country's two largest indices saw losses of over two percent. The leading index from Tokyo, Nikkei 225, ended trading on Monday at 3.47 percent lower and will remain at 21531 points until tomorrow. The broader Topix index lost 2.54 percent at the close. The index of China's two largest stock exchanges (CSI 300) also lost value with a loss of 1.2 percent. The Shanghai Stock Exchange's SSE Composite Index also fell slightly more than one percent. The fear of a second wave of infection numbers also reached South Korea, where the leading index Kospi had to take the most with minus 4.76 percent.

On Wall Street, the prices of the three major stock exchanges are still in the green. On Friday, all three ended the trade in profits between one and two percent. It remains to be seen whether their courses will be hit by the virus news as well as the Asian courses.



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